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Higher performance windows. The choice of 7 out of 10 Italians

The vast majority of Italians are convinced that we need to develop an economic, eco-sustainable model that can create employment based on new energy sources and efficiency models. And, through small gestures and in their purchasing choices, they are ready to make a direct contribution to sustain this effort. This is borne out by the "Scenarios and environmental conduct of Italian consumers", a survey performed by SWG for the Rome Chamber of Commerce, presented during the last edition of the Public Administration Forum. To improve environmental sustainability by reducing energy consumption, 74% of all Italians said they were willing to make energy efficiency renovations to their homes and 71% indicated, double-glazed windows as the prime target for such home improvements, the most important item in their decision to buy. This aspect is further supported by the fact that, of those surveyed, 65% had already replaced their windows; 15% say they intend to do so and 17% would like to, but cannot afford to do so. Moreover, it must be pointed out that, of all sources of energy offering an alternative to fossil fuels, the most frequently indicated after solar energy is the energy derived from wastes (41%)

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