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Fabbro serramenti, la scelta giusta per l’ambienteFabbro serramenti, la scelta giusta per l’ambiente
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SCANDOLA is the classic shutter seen around Mantua, closely reproducing the characteristics of wooden shutters of the past. Built with vertical slats on the outside and the typical horizontal slats on the inside, the shutter is also available in the SCANDOLA (TT) version offering a high degree of thermal insulation. It also comes as a DOUBLE SLAT shutter with horizontal slats on both inside and outside, reminiscent of the typical entrances to country homes in the Verona and Mantua plains. DOUBLE SLAT (TT) is the insulated version as it contains insulation materials to enhance its thermal performance. The version shown has hinges set directly on the wall. The shutter — so elegant and solid with the walnut finish — can also be made with an encased frame.

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