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finestra incantofinestra incanto
Fabbro serramenti, la scelta giusta per l’ambienteFabbro serramenti, la scelta giusta per l’ambiente
finestre italiana fatte benefinestre italiana fatte bene


The windows to uniformly close your home

  • WOOD

    Wooden windows have always been there, closing our homes of the past, present and future; they are warm, study and environmentally friendly. With the new, robotically-applied, water-based stains,...


    The wood-aluminium windows are our solid wood windows — the profiles are not decreased at all — with a sturdy aluminium fame clipped onto the outside. At the corners the aluminium frame is welded...

  • PVC

    ALL PRODUCTS MADE ENTIRELY IN ITALY IN OUR PLANT IN GEMONA DEL FRIULIThe PVC windows are produced in Italy, more specifically in our separate production site in Gemona del Friuli where we have...

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