Shutter system with hinge-holders and corner braces, ideal for use on buildings with external insulation cladding. AMIKO® with corner bead is built from a profile suitably bent to achieve the reference measurements at the hinge and create a meeting point with the outer insulation. On buildings with external insulation cladding, where it is difficult to secure shutter hinges, AMIKO® makes installation easier. The AMIKO® solution can anchor the threaded hinge-holders, those support extensions for the shutters themselves, anchoring them securely to the wall. To install the hinges, just screw them into the special threaded M12 hinge-holder tubes secured to the wall anchors. Custom templates ensure perfect alignment of the hinge-holders in the wall. The AMIKO® solution is used in combination with C1 Super counterframes, or alternatively with C1 Insulation Frames (see the various types in the C1 data sheet), to form a monobloc structure The connection brackets are built according to wall thickness.

Upon request EPS insulation can be supplied for the entire bracket, to be applied after removing the spacers.

De Faveri can also provide thermal insulation for window sills, produced using recycled materials, high density foam or, alternatively, total insulation on the 4th side (see 4th data sheet).