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A 70-year adventure

All companies begin their adventure starting from a dream. One or more people, generally visionaries, follow a passion, the desire to emerge and create something different and unique. The way to reach the goals is often very long and difficult, but those who have tenacity, perseverance and skills, consider it an adventure, a dream that has to be handed down from generation to generation. This happened in our family. These are the emotions and passions that push us to reach constantly new and more important goals.

Our service

We handle all the phases, from the inspection and design to the production and installation of doors and windows made of aluminium, wood-aluminium and PVC.

All the windows, sliding doors, entrance doors and the other products that we design and produce can be purchased exclusively in our factory, in Buja (UD), Friuli.

Our customers

Our versality allows us to satisfy the needs of all types of customers, both private customers with houses, villas and rustic cottages, and companies, construction companies, architectural firms with commercial properties, hotels, restaurants and more complex buildings.

Design and Wellness

We create unique and customized products, that have been tested and certified.

Each house, villa or commercial property has its own characteristics and needs, according to the location, the style and the performance. Our experts study the best solutions for the installation, and help you choose the products with the features that you are looking for. The variety of our solutions and materials – wood, aluminium and PVC – allows us to enhance the beauty of each building.

Doors and Windows produced by Fabbro 

Our doors and windows can be recognized immediately. You can touch and see them, experiencing sensations of wellness and respect for nature.


Doors and windows are important elements also from an economic point of view. For this reason, we avoid intermediaries during the sale and assist our customers, helping them obtain important tax relief that can reduce costs by more than 50%. This is possible because our products allow you to achieve considerable energy savings, and for this reason they are also used inside Climate Houses and Passive Houses.