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A 70-year adventure

The companies born of a dream. One or a few people, generally visionaries, pursuing a passion, a desire to emerge, to create some thing different, better, unique. The route toward the set goals is often long and arduous, but with determination, for a skilled person intent on persevering, it is an adventure, a dream to be passed on from generation to generation. This is the success of our family. These are our windows and doors, our passions, prompting us to reach for new, increasingly important goals.

Our service

We handle every phase, from on-site inspection to design, from production to installation.
You can only purchase Fabbrosi windows and doors directly from us, from the manufacturer.

Our customers

Our versatility enables us to serve all sorts of customers in exactly the right way: the private customer, for homes, villas and country houses; the corporate customers, builders and architectural studios for business facilities, hotels, restaurants and the construction of more complex, more unique forms.

Design and Wellness

We create unique, personalized products that are tested, certified and guaranteed.
Be it a palace or a commercial facility, each building has its own features, its own requirements that depend on location, style and the services it will provide. Our technicians design, measure and help you make your choice, ensuring that you find the quality you are seeking.

Fabbro Windows and Doors

Our windows and doors are recognized at a glance. They impart a sense of wellness, respect for Mother Nature: you can see it, touch it, perceive it.


Windows and doors are important elements that can even play a roll in saving money. For this reason we do not use middlemen; we assist our customers, helping them obtain important tax contributions that can cut the price by as much 50% or more. This is possible because our products achieve major energy savings, savings reflected in your utility bills; indeed they are Climate House and Passive House suitable.