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Blocks of Flats and Terraced Houses

Functionality, design and quality: discover the doors and windows suitable for blocks of flats offered by Fabbro Serramenti

Whether we are talking about the renovation of blocks of flats or terraced houses, Fabbro Serramenti has the perfect solution for every context, offering windows made of wood or aluminium characterized by minimalist design and high quality.

The minimalist design that characterizes the windows produced by Fabbro Serramenti is perfect for every type of building and makes them ideal for the replacement of the windows of blocks of flats. Essential style and simplicity are their strengths along with high energy performance from the point of view of thermal and acoustic insulation. Fabbro’s windows are suitable for any type of construction work, from the construction of a new house to the restoration of an old building, from residential buildings to elegant villas. They are very elegant and sober and represent the perfect solution for those who are looking for functionality, design, quality and technology, in compliance with European rules and certifications.

The windows for blocks of flats and terraced houses are available in various colours and materials, such as numerous typologies of fine wood. The wide range of customization possibilities make them ideal even for the restoration of different types of blocks of flats and houses, ensuring a perfect integration with the architectural style of the building.

Moreover, for the renovation of blocks of flats, terraced houses and residential buildings, it is possible to take advantage of the 50% or 60% ecobonus! This is the right moment to take into consideration the replacement of the windows of the block of flats or terraced house where you live!