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Certain that we will still be here tomorrow

In our growth spurt, the main worry was to ensure good maintenance service in time.
To ensure this, we have worked in two main directions:

  • Research and use of long-lasting structures, accessories and finishes
  • Creation of a team of specialized technicians for consultation and to perform works
    Thanks to technological progress we can now provide windows and doors in wood that will last practically forever and which require very little maintenance. Just think that the first maintenance intervention can be performed after a full 6 years and involves just cleaning and simple application of protective products. For the “do-it-yourselfers”, our technicians provide advice and specific products.

    Have you completely forgotten to do any maintenance for a long period of time? Don’t worry! Even if repainting or restaining is required, thanks to our techniques, experience and selected materials, the operations required are simple, fast and non-invasive.

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