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Entrance doors and windows for villas and design houses

Passion, quality and innovation. These are the values that Fabbro Bruno puts in each project in order to create a unique and functional solution that can satisfy all customer’s needs.

In our company located in Buja, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, various models of doors and windows are designed to be installed in each area of the house and are realized with high-quality materials in order to ensure an excellent service according to the offer that is now present on the market. The windows that we have decided to install inside the villas are made of wood and aluminium and have a minimal design in order to hide the frame and create an “all-glass” effect. The glass installed in the windows dominates the view and ensures the great solidity of the structure. The minimal design of the frame represents a customized solution for villas and modern houses with the purpose of making rooms more spacious and brighter. The windows and doors produced by Fabbro Bruno can be made of different types of wood such as teak, oak, fir, larch, ash tree or hemlock, and each one is characterized by diverse grain.

The windows made of aluminium with minimalist design are the perfect blend of linearity and light and don’t require specific maintenance works because they can be easily cleaned and are extremely durable. They can be installed both as windows for a veranda and as windows for villas.

Moreover, Fabbro Bruno also produces entrance doors for villas that are part of our complete offer of cutting-edge products.

Do you need to replace your window? Take advantage of the 50% or 65% ecobonus! If you need to replace your old window, don’t miss the ecobonus that allows you to save up to 50% or 65% on the total amount of the expenditure. Consult the section “Incentives” for more information.

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