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Climate Houses & Passive Houses

Windows for passive houses: high energy performance and respect for the environment

Energy saving is an extremely important theme: every eco-friendly house is equipped with special windows that have been specifically designed and produced to maximize insulation and minimize waste of energy both during the heating and cooling phase. Climate houses are built using the most modern techniques in terms of energy saving. They are equipped with a series of systems (thermal insulation, high-efficiency systems, etc.) that make it possible to reach very high energy efficiency classes.

The windows produced by Fabbro Serramenti for passive houses are made of PVC and aluminium and have been carefully designed in order to reduce heat dissipation and improve temperature distribution inside the rooms of your house, reducing energy consumption and the appearance of mildew, humidity and condensation.

Inside an eco-friendly house, all the windows have high thermal properties and allow you to:

  • Keep the temperature constant
  • Increase energy saving throughout the year

Would you like to replace your old windows with new ones for your new passive house? Consult the section “Incentives” and take advantage of the 50% or 60% ecobonus!