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Directly produced

All our doors and windows are directly produced by highly specialized local experts.

Laboratory tests

All the doors and windows offered on the market have the best technical characteristics on paper. Instead, Fabbro’s products are certified by the tests from CERT Treviso Technology laboratory (approved by Sinal) and the acoustic test from the University of Padua. Each door and window have a specific data sheet where all the technical features are written. Moreover, our doors and windows comply with the strict requirements of Climate Houses and Passive Houses, namely all energy self-sufficient buildings.


It is our watchword. That’s how we have reached today’s level and that’s how we want to reach future levels. In the last few years, we have introduced new woodworking machines with a high technological level and great precision. We have renovated our painting centre in order to obtain top-quality finish treatments, and at the same time, increase the respect for the environment. We constantly improve our technical department focusing on the selection and training of our employees, in order to make them feel part of a company, a family, a project, a dream.

Quality policy

“Our company is recognized in the field of doors and windows as a leading company according to the quality level of its products and services.”      

The board of Fabbro Bruno Srl and the staff follow a specific policy that focuses on the Customer both from an internal and external point of view. The satisfaction of the internal Customer is pursued through moments of testing and update on the themes related to our services/products.

The satisfaction of the external Customer is pursued offering suitable processes for their specific implicit and explicit needs, and monitoring both the cultural progress and the achievement of the goals that were established during the pre-contractual phase.

Customers plays a central role for the success of Fabbro Bruno Srl. For this reason, it is important to know them very well, offer services/products that can satisfy their needs and create a high customer satisfaction.

The goals (constantly monitored through the analysis of complaints and the detection of the satisfaction level of Customers) that Fabbro Bruno Srl wants to achieve are:

  • The improvement of its image and reputation on the market: increase in the number of customers, increase in the turnover, territorial expansion of the company and entry into new market areas;
  • The respect for implicit and explicit contractual commitments;
  • The care for communication towards Customers and assistance.

Moreover, further goals (constantly monitored and pursued through training and information activities of the staff):

  • The satisfaction of stakeholders (internal and external customers, users, employees, suppliers): the achievement of budget goals, increase in the level of employment, wage improvements, reduced absenteeism and fewer disputes with employees, constant reduction in the number of complaints, high level of customer satisfaction, partnership agreements with suppliers, constant improvement of communication and collaboration with suppliers (in particular with those that perform outsourcing activities);
  • The adoption of the most advanced customer support techniques;
  • The analysis of context, risks and opportunities;
  • The respect for environment and current environmental legislation;
  • The respect for safety legislation in the workplace;
  • The respect for current legislation about the production and installation of doors and windows.

Through the achievement of these goals, we want to create a company focused on Customers, increase the effectiveness on the market and make the customer satisfaction the differentiating factor inside a highly competitive market.

The specific goals will be established annually by the board and delivered to the employees.

Rev. 00 of 15/06/18

The Board Fabbro Elvis